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CPA People

Greetings! Are we right in assuming that you are having a poke around our website in an attempt to figure out who Astute Marketing Inc. actually is?
No doubt you have a list of questions and criteria to ask & get answers for & we really can totally sympathize. For a start you would probably like to see a few of our online assets, understand how our traffic passes through our deft little hands, peruse our portfolio of projects or review our resume of clients and ultimately get the inside scoop on who our current partners are.
We have to say that you will more than likely go away from here empty handed (but hopefully not too frustrated) because you won’t find any of that information on this website & nor are we going to volunteer it to you either.
Need we point out the obvious? This is a very competitive industry & we HAVE to ‘keep schtum’. I mean we ‘trod water’ long & hard before we found our own piece of driftwood in this sea of sharks & giving up all our proprietary information would be tantamount to churning that surrounding sea full of bloody chum!
But again let us state that we complelely understand the why & the what of the information you now seek in vain. You are also swimming in that sea except you are surrounded by ‘fraudster fish’.
Fraudster fish SUCK! They make things suck for us as well. We want you to fight the good fight against them & triumph where ever possible.
So if in the course of carrying out your duties of due diligence, you really need to know that we ARE the GOOD guys then please give us a call – that’s if we have not already buzzed you… which we probably have.GoodGuys
We’ll endeavor to give you the 411 on Astute Marketing – but only enough as it makes sense for us to do so.  For all the remaining questions we hope you’ll let us answer those with our RESULTS!