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About Astute Marketing

So you want the skinny on ‘Astute’ – well you are only human after all & being human you’re intrigued as to how we manage to parlay binary bits by way of banners, blogs & ‘biblio-‘ into BUCKS!
OK well here it is… the ‘secret sauce’, the ‘eleven herbs & spices’, the ‘recipe for Coca-Cola’ (we wish…). How we do it…(drum roll please…)… is… (wait for it)… we are just very, VERY CLEVER!
As disingenuous as that may sound there sure is a whole heap of genius in it! Sure we don’t have any of Stephen Hawking’s or Albert Einstein’s ‘intellectual doppelgangers’ on staff BUT we really do have some ‘smart cookies’ working for us who know… well – STUFF!
They know stuff about where to look, who to listen to & most importantly what to do with it & when to do it. THE coolest thing is that when they do find it we all turn it into totally awesome CONTENT. Basically we blog, ping, tweet, post, comment, update, status-ize and just plain PUBLISH the bejesus out of it.
Then we wait. “More genius?”, I hear you say. Well YES! It is absolutely pure ASTUTE genius because after the waiting comes… THE MONEY… yeah baby! Monetize, commercialize, captialize… the ‘IZE’ have it!
So that’s us – Astute Marketing. Maybe now you should tell US about what YOU do…